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1. Pick the odd one out.
2. Which company has the highest market price in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)?
3. Which country does not possess veto power in the United Nations Security Council?
4. Which company does Meta Platforms Inc. own?
5. Who is the Home Minister of Nepal?
6. Standard deviation is a measure of how dispersed the data is in relation to the _________.
7. As a new company grows, an entrepreneur will need to ______________.
8. A champion could not exist without ____________.
9. Shareholders are ______________ of a company.
10. Which company has the highest market capitalization in Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE)?
11. Which is the largest human-made lake in Nepal?
12. What number should come next in the following series? 15, 14, 16, 15, 17, 16, …
13. __________________ refers to getting results accomplished through others.
14. On the ________________, it is possible to get immediate feedback.
15. Government can help in forming new ventures by providing ____________.
16. Which commercial bank has the highest paid-up capital in Nepal?
17. A contract must be signed by ________________.
18. An entrepreneur into the clothing business found out the reason his clothes were not selling was due to their color. What could be the best source of this information?
19. Marketing is a process which aims at ______________.
20. What do shareholders prefer in a bull run?

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