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What is the main objective of financial accounting?

According to which concept the owners are considered to be different from the business?

According to which concept all the transactions are measurable in the terms of money are recorded in accounts?

While putting the value or price of an entity in financial records the lowest price is recorded not the current price or current market value. This is known as

Which of the following is related to Scientific system of maintaining account?

Which of the following defines outstanding salary account?

Interest earned is a

Investment is a

 Trading account is a

 Profit and loss account starts with

All revenue incomes are credited to

In profit and loss account, if debit is more than the credit, the difference is

Assets which are acquired and held permanently and used in the business with the objective of making profits is known as

Which of the following assets have definite physical share or identity and existence?

 Outstanding expenses is a

Interest on capital in a business can be defined as

The ratios which reflect managerial efficiency in handling the assets is

Interest on capital is added with

The ratios which reveal the final result of the managerial policies and performance is

Which of the following matches with fixed assets ratio?

The ratio which determines the profitability from the shareholders point of view is

The ratio which shows the proportion of profits retained in the business out of the current year profits is

 How the dividend is related to the market value of shares?

Which ratio is calculated to ascertain the efficiency of inventory management in terms of capital investment?

Which ratio measures the number of times the receivables are rotated in a year in terms of sales?

 Current assets - current liabilities =

 The ratio establishes the relationship between fixed assets and long-terms funds is

A high capital gearing ratio indicates

 Low turnover of stock ratio indicates

All those assets which are converted into cash in the normal course of business within one year are known as

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