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The decimal form of 129/(2^2.5^7.7^5) is:

HCF of 8, 9, 25 is

Which of the following is not irrational?

The product of a rational and irrational number is

The sum of a rational and irrational number is

  If b = 3, then any integer can be expressed as a =

The product of three consecutive positive integers is divisible by

The set A = {0,1, 2, 3, 4, …} represents the set of

Which number is divisible by 11?

LCM of the given number ‘x’ and ‘y’ where y is a multiple of ‘x’ is given by

The largest number that will divide 398, 436 and 542 leaving remainders 7,11 and 15 respectively is

There are 312, 260 and 156 students in class X, XI and XII respectively. Buses are to be hired to take these students to a picnic. Find the maximum number of students who can sit in a bus if each bus takes equal number of students

There is a circular path around a sports field. Poonam takes 18 minutes to drive one round of the field. Shiv takes 12 minutes. Suppose they both start at the same point and at the same time and go in the same direction. After how many minutes will they meet?

Express 98 as a product of its primes

For some integer p, every even integer is of the form

For some integer p, every odd integer is of the form

m² – 1 is divisible by 8, if m is

If two positive integers A and B can be ex-pressed as A = xy3 and B = xiy2z; x, y being prime numbers, the LCM (A, B) is

The product of a non-zero rational and an irrational number is

If two positive integers A and B can be expressed as A = xy3 and B = x4y2z; x, y being prime numbers then HCF (A, B) is

The largest number which divides 60 and 75, leaving remainders 8 and 10 respectively, is

The least number that is divisible by all the numbers from 1 to 5 (both inclusive) is

The product of two consecutive natural numbers is always:

If the HCF of 408 and 1032 is expressible in the form 1032 x 2 + 408 × p, then the value of p is

When a number is divided by 7, its remainder is always:

Graphically, the pair of equations 7x – y = 5; 21x – 3y = 10 represents two lines which are

The pair of equations 3x – 5y = 7 and – 6x + 10y = 7 have

If a pair of linear equations is consistent, then the lines will be

One equation of a pair of dependent linear equations is 2x + 5y = 3. The second equation will be

If x = a, y = b is the solution of the equations x + y = 5 and 2x – 3y = 4, then the values of a and b are respectively

The graph of y = 4x is a line

The graph of y = 5 is a line parallel to the

If am bl then the system of equations ax + by = c, lx + my = n, has

If in the equation x + 2y = 10, the value of y is 6, then the value of x will be

The graph of the equation 2x + 3y = 5 is a

In a square of side 10 cm, its diagonal = …

In a rectangle Length = 8 cm, Breadth = 6 cm. Then its diagonal = …

If in two As ABC and DEF, ABDF=BCFE=CAED, then

The total number of events of throwing 10 coins simultaneously is

The total events to throw three dice simultaneously is

A girl calculates that the probability of her winning the first prize in a lottery is 8100. If 6,000 tickets are sold, how many tickets has she bought?

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